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  • Careers in the RV Industry - Service technician
    Every so often, I am sure that our customers wonder where all the RV technicians are.  The answer is not a simple one but one that challenges our industry daily.  RV technicians come from all walks of life – retired military, fresh out of high school, or even someone who likes to tin ...
  • Nancy's Notes for Fold Downs

    Published on Jul 21, 2015
    Nancy's Notes for Fold Downs
    When my husband and I were much younger, we camped in a Jayco fold down.  We had such great memories with that camper and with all the adventures (and misadventures) that occurred during those campouts. After thinking about all of our adventures and all the things that have changed since the ...
  • Firework Safety Tips for the Fourth of July
    Firework Safety It’s that time of year again! American flags waving, hot summer nights, and fireworks lighting up the sky. Every year America celebrates our independence with a day dedicated to American pride and the grand spectacle of a fireworks show. Whether you are going to watch the pr ...
  • More than S'Mores IV

    Published on Jun 24, 2015
    More than S'Mores IV
    Summer eating is great at Chef John's campsite!  Below is a super recipe for Stuffed Turkey burgers.  I can think of so many combinations of seasonings and different cheeses and toppings.  This is a good basic start to wherever your imagination takes you when it comes time to gril ...
  • More than S'mores III

    Published on Jun 15, 2015
    More than S'mores III
    Chef John is back again with another yummy installment - this is one that I would definitely try - This is his campfire recipe for meatloaf (with a spin).  Chef John writes: "This is one of my favorite foods to make while camping or even at home because there are endless variations and ...
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away, but Please Come Back Another (camping) Day.
    Camping season is in full swing, and right now is one of the wettest springs in recent memory.  The toughest thing for any family is when the kids are stuck inside for a rainy 3 day weekend. This is the true test of the size of a camper – when the kids are bouncing off the walls, and a ...
  • As American as Apple Pie

    Published on Jun 02, 2015
    As American as Apple Pie
    As I drive through the campgrounds, I am struck by the feeling of community in every campground.  Seeing people sitting under their awnings or at the picnic tables, a vision comes to mind of mid century America.  People will wave at people they don’t know, sit out on their own &ld ...
  • Exciting News!

    Published on Jun 01, 2015
    Exciting News!
    When you hear the initials CSI, the majority of people would automatically think about the TV program.  However, the CSI that I am writing about is for the Customer Service Index Award that Newmar presents annually to a select group of Newmar dealers. This award is given to dealers who have ...
  • Riding Solo When it comes to RVing,  no one ever said you couldn’t do it alone. Today a lot of people are taking to the road solo. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting 50.2% of the population as single, it’s no wonder why more people are RVing by themselves.There are som ...
  • Open House This Weekend!

    Published on Apr 29, 2015
    Open House This Weekend!
    Open House - May 2nd, 2015 Come help us celebrate our 48th year in business at Apache Camper Center. To celebrate we will be holding an open house on May 2nd, 2015 at all 3 of our locations in Bellevue, Kearney,  and Lincoln. We will be serving lunch at 11:00 am so bring your family along fo ...

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