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  • RV's - the Original Tiny Houses

    Published on Jun 10, 2016
    RV's - the Original Tiny Houses
    RV’s – the Original Tiny Houses   As an RV dealer, I have seen many fads in the camping industry come and go.  Recently however a show on HGTV caught my interest showing the new tiny houses phenomenon.  I watched a few episodes, and after hearing the prices on these ...
  • Nebraska Neighbors: Wyoming

    Published on Jun 01, 2016
    Nebraska Neighbors: Wyoming
    When it comes to Wyoming, there isn’t a shortage of beautiful sites to see. Wyoming is the home to many national treasures such as Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and the wondrous town of Jackson Hole. The tenth largest state in the United States, there are plenty of underrated sites for you to ...
  • How to Make Sure Your Camping Trip Doesn’t Inspire Another Scary Movie
    Listen, we’ve all seen enough scary movies to understand what the worst possible scenario for camping at a sketchy campsite is. I’m looking at you Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In reality, you should really be more cautious of unsafe campsites than a hockey mask clad psycho killer chasing you ...
  • Top 3 Reasons to Visit the Sandhills of Nebraska
    Itching for a road trip? Time to set off on a 280 mile road trip through the Sandhills of Nebraska. This unique area is a perfect opportunity for you to take some time and explore Nebraska from Aurora to North Platte. The Sandhills span about 20,000 square miles and take up nearly a fourth of the st ...
  • RV's and Sports - The Perfect Fit

    Published on Mar 16, 2016
    RV's and Sports - The Perfect Fit
    PLAY BALL! As we enter into March Madness, I start thinking about all the sports opportunities that there are to use your RV, and I get a little carried away with all the possibilities.  Here in Nebraska, we may be known for our football, but our Sports/RV season really begins with baseba ...
  • 7 Camping Dangers in Nebraska

    Published on Feb 29, 2016
    7 Camping Dangers in Nebraska
    ldquo;Better to be safe than sorry” was the mantra I grew up hearing from both of my parents. While Mom typically said this in reference to packing shoes for every possible occasion, Dad found it more applicable in the context of being prepared for anything Mother Nature could throw at us. Th ...
  • Games You've Got To Have

    Published on Jan 26, 2016
    Games You've Got To Have
    Need something to keep you busy during these chillier months? Here’s a list of board games that will keep you and your loved ones occupied for hours on end! Warning: things might get a little competitive, and will definitely get fun!   Hanabi This is a collaborative card game whe ...
  • Upcoming Events at Apache Camper

    Published on Dec 30, 2015
    Upcoming Events at Apache Camper
    The New Year is upon us! And with the new year comes a new events lineup for Apache Camper Center. We will be attending several RV shows this next several weeks, all over the state and Iowa, and we would love for you to come out to see us any of the following weekends:   Ja ...
  • 5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Nebraska
    Though we love the Cornhuskers, there’s more to Nebraska than prairie land and football. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about our great state that will have you planning your next vacation before you finish reading! 1. Nebraska has More than 80 State Parks Spreading acr ...
  • Fall Camping Tips

    Published on Oct 21, 2015
    Fall Camping Tips
    As the weather continues to cool, the window of opportunity to camp before winter sets in is quickly closing. Camping in the fall has many benefits such as the beautiful falling leaves and the tranquility of nearly empty camping grounds. Like all camping trips, the key to success when camping in the ...

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