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  • Published on Mar 26, 2015

    Tiny living. You have most likely heard this term popping up in social media and on TV networks with shows dedicated to the tiny life. What is tiny living you ask? Tiny living is the idea of creating a small space that has all the functions of a home, all while reducing your environmental footprint. For years, the mentality of bigger is better has been prevalent in our society. Now with the increasing detrimental effects on the environment from our carbon footprint, people from all walks of life are stepping in to reduce the negative impact as well as freeing themselves from the financial burden of a home mortgage.

    Transform Your Old Trailer

    Tiny living doesn’t mean you have to stay in one place. A lot people are transforming their old trailers into tiny homes that you can take anywhere with you. Yes you could just buy a mobile home, but you’ll save a whole lot of money if you can recycle and do it yourself. Plus you can really add your own unique touches and make your very own tiny dream home!

    You Can Do It!

    You’re probably wondering, is this something I can do? Well of course you can! There are some great resources out there that provide you with everything you need to know about making your own tiny home. A really good website to check out is the Comet Camper . This website provides you with an online course in tiny transition and downsizing as well as design consulting. Another great resource to utilize is The Tiny Life. This site has a online store where you can purchase some must have books all about building tiny homes and even some tiny home floor plans to get you started!

    Why You Should Consider Tiny Living

    At first glance, tiny living may seem like you have to give up a lot, but that's not the case at all. If anything, you will be gaining a lot. You’ll be helping the environment for one thing, all while gaining back your financial freedom. A lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck these days and are shackled to their never ending debt. Just think if you didn’t have to pay your mortgage anymore, and you used solar power to run that tiny home. By doing these things the amount of money you could be saving adds up. Maybe you don’t want to give up your space, but don’t count out these tiny renovations completely. A tiny living arrangement could be a great place to start for your college bound student. Talk about a graduation gift with longevity. Instead of spending an outrageous amount of money on living expenses for your student, you can invest that money into something they can have for a lifetime. The average cost of student housing is anywhere from $7,500 to $9,500 a year [scholarships.com]. That equates to $30,000-$36,000 in 4 years, and that's only if they attend school for 4 years. The average cost to build a “high-end” tiny home from scratch ranges from $25,000-$30,000 [tinyhousetalk.com]. This includes buying a brand new trailer, professional construction plans, appliances, and other materials brand new from the store. Your costs could be less if you have an old trailer that could be recycled. Not only will they have somewhere to live during college but also a home that can go anywhere the road my take them.

    Tiny living is an exciting and fairly new movement that is gaining lots of traction on social media all around the world. So explore your options, learn about it, and see if tiny living is right for you. Even if you aren’t ready to dive in all the way, you can still build a really cool trailer to take on vacation!

    Apache Camper Center

    If you are thinking about getting an RV for the tiny house movement or for recreational purposes, give Apache Camper Center a call! We have a wide variety of RVs that are sure to please your wallet. Browse our selection of inventory online or stop by and see us at any of our three locations in Bellevue, Kearney or Lincoln. 

    Happy camping!



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