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  • Published on May 03, 2016
    How to Make Sure Your Camping Trip Doesn’t Inspire Another Scary Movie

    Listen, we’ve all seen enough scary movies to understand what the worst possible scenario for camping at a sketchy campsite is. I’m looking at you Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In reality, you should really be more cautious of unsafe campsites than a hockey mask clad psycho killer chasing you through the woods. In this article we’ll go through a few tips to make sure that you’re extra prepared for your camping trip and your story doesn’t inspire another scary movie…

    In the states, most of the campsites you’ll come across are either state or government operated. But, as times are changing more and more private property owners are offering up their land for you and your friends to binge on nature for a small fee. Sites like Hipcamp.com can help you find the perfect private camping spot in the area you want to visit. 

    With Hipcamp you’re able to read the reviews and even browse photos from previous visitors for each campsite. Hipcamp also sends “Field Scouts” out to view each campsite and make sure the site is indeed what it claims to be. In the upper left hand corner of each site you’ll see a little blue check and the note “Field Scout Verified” to ensure you that this extra measure for your safety was taken.

    Even if you’re traveling with family or friends, make sure and leave a general itinerary with someone back home. This way, someone knows your general whereabouts in the rare case that something does happen while you’re out in the wilderness. If you think this measure is too drastic, I’d like to direct you to the movie 127 Hours based off a very true and well documented story of Aron Ralston.

    Most campsites have a few friendly rangers roaming around. Connect with these rangers and see what’s new. Rangers can not only lead you to the best spots on the grounds, they can also forewarn you if there are any things you should be cautious of during your stay. 

    Last but not least, make sure to bring plenty of essentials. This may go without saying but pack extra water, food and a first aid kit for your trip. Make sure to lock up any food to keep away pesky rodents and hungry predators.
    If you’re thinking about hitting the road in Nebraska, make sure to check out Apache Camper Center. This family owned and operated RV dealership has three locations in Nebraska all conveniently located off of I-80. 


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