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  • Published on Jun 01, 2016
    Nebraska Neighbors: Wyoming

    When it comes to Wyoming, there isn’t a shortage of beautiful sites to see. Wyoming is the home to many national treasures such as Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and the wondrous town of Jackson Hole. The tenth largest state in the United States, there are plenty of underrated sites for you to see!

    Granite Hot Springs 

    Wyoming has tons of hot springs that have been around for centuries. Native Americans used to settle along the hot springs of the North Platte River. In fact, they would even camp near rival tribes in order to be near the waters they believed to have healing powers. The most popular hot springs in Wyoming are probably the Thermopolis Hot Springs. If you want a more secluded hot springs experience, head to the Granite Hot Springs in the northwestern part of the state. The Granite Hot Spring is a seven foot deep spring fed by a waterfall. The spring is usually about 104 degrees and is tucked into the base of a cliff. Can’t get much more natural than that!

    Medicine Wheel at Medicine Mountain National Historic Landmark 

    Within the Bighorn National Forest is the beautiful Medicine Mountain. Near the peak of the mountain lies the 75-foot diameter Medicine Wheel. This magnificent group of circularly aligned rocks has served for centuries as a place for Native American ceremonies.

    Devil’s Tower 

    One of the most unique monuments in Wyoming is the Devil’s Tower. This 1,200 foot flat topped volcanic structure is a one of a kind natural wonder. You can take a ranger guided tour of the Devil’s Tower Country, take a hike around the trails near the monument or take a shot at climbing the tower itself!

    Museum of Mountain Men 

    These days mountain men have turned into a type of modern hipster, clad in plaid with a well maintained beard and polished leather shoes. But what is a classic mountain man? You can find out at the Museum of Mountain Men located in Southwest Wyoming. This museum will take you all the way back days of the wild west settlement in Wyoming. 

    Wyoming Dinosaur Center

    Before Wyoming was filled with settlers, skiers, cowboys and outdoorsmen a different species called this land home, Dinosaurs. Some will claim that Wyoming has the richest fossil records in the states. Wyoming even has its own state dinosaur, the triceratops. Located in Thermopolis is the Wyoming Dinosaur Center where you can explore about 200 exhibits. 

    Apache Camper Center

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