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  • Published on Aug 04, 2015
    More than S'mores V - Campfire Prime Rib

    Chef John is back, and he is upping the game for those of us who enjoy the finer side of campfire dining.  This is amazingly simple but the results are amazing!


    John says:


    Nowadays a lot of the new fifth wheels and travel trailers are equipped with a side or bumper mounted portable propane grill. I cooked this prime rib roast on a portable propane grill to illustrate that these grills are not just for hamburgers and hotdogs. Here’s all you need.



    One 2-4 lb. prime rib roast

    Favorite dry rub or seasoning(s)  ( Weber carries a variety of steak seasonings that work really well for this )

    One of my favorites is a rub containing rosemary and garlic.  I lightly coat the outside of the prime rib with olive or vegetable oil - just enough so that the rub will remain on the meat.



    Rub seasoning or rub liberally on all sides of room temperature rib roast.


    Light the grill, once lit put it on the lowest setting and place roast in the center of the grill. Try to keep from putting directly over a flame if possible and keep covered the whole time.


    Cook 30-45 minutes each side until done to your liking. The end pieces will be slightly done more than the center.


    My addition to John's prime rib is my garlic mushroom recipe:


    In the electric skillet, melt butter (real butter is best), add diced garlic liberally and add white wine or cooking wine.  Once this is simmering, add mushrooms and reduce.  Keep adding mushrooms until most of the liquid has been absorbed.  Simmer for a few minutes longer, and you will have some of the best mushrooms ever!


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