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  • Published on Apr 27, 2015
    More than S'mores II

    Well, Chef John must have been really inspired this past weekend.  Here is the next installment (already) for Campfire Fried Chicken:

    Here’s one favorite dish and always a crowd pleaser that most folks don’t think of making while camping. It’s delicious fried chicken great for a big gathering of family and / or friends. Spend your time enjoying the company instead of manning the grill for hours trying to feed a lot of people. I fried these 26 pieces of chicken in less than an hour. All you need is a turkey or fish fryer with propane and a thermometer. You may be able to use your camper propane if you have a quick –connect fitting on it as so many are coming with these days. Here’s the grocery list and instructions. Sides of course can be made, bought or brought by guests …..anything goes well with chicken.


    Any combination of chicken breasts, wings, thighs & drumsticks ( works best with bone-in, skin on )

    Almond milk for soaking the chicken, buttermilk or regular milk works in a pinch but the almond milk really adds a sweeter taste.

    Flour mixture for coating …I use regular flour and add some of my favorite seasonings. I like to use blended seasonings like Slap-Yo-Mama ( comes in 3 different flavors and  is now available at Hyvee). That way you only have to bring one seasoning and its already perfectly blended so no need for measuring spoons. Just dump in a few teaspoons with every cup of flour. You’ll need about a cup of flour for every 7-9 pieces of chicken.

    About 1.5 gallons Peanut oil for frying.



    Fill the chicken fryer about half way with peanut oil. Heat oil to 360. ( Takes about 20-30 mins.).


    While oil is heating place 7-9 chicken pieces in large bowl and add enough milk to cover chicken halfway and coat all chicken with milk.


    Place coated pieces in flour mixture and mix to coat evenly. A jumbo Ziploc bag or Tupperware bowl with lid work well.


    Place the chicken evenly in the fry basket covering the bottom.


    Once the peanut oil is at 360 slowly lower the basket into the oil. Chicken should be completely submerged. You may be able to add a piece or two as long as it is covered in oil.


    The oil will cool off a little once the chicken is added but it needs to stay between 340-360 so you may have to turn the flame up a bit.


    Cook chicken for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. Try to cook similar size pieces together so they will all be equally done.  


    Once chicken is  done lift basket out of oil and drain as much oil as possible before placing chicken in a container. Cover that container with foil to keep warm while you cook the rest of the chicken.  Or if you prefer, do all this in advance and refrigerate the chicken.  Nothing better than cold fried chicken on a hot summer day...


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