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  • Published on Aug 26, 2016
    Jayco Camping Club Lazy J Covey newsletter

    Fall is coming around the corner, and I thought that I would post the latest newsletter from our camping club.  As an introduction, our club was founded over 25 years ago and was based around the Jayco product.  The members must own a Jayco in order to participate.  They are a great group of campers, and have grown over the years to now include many 2nd generation members.  Members range in age from birth to campers in their 80's. 

    I thought that everyone would like a little sneak peek into the camping club life.  Enjoy the newsletter!

    Summer is dwindling and fall is peaking around the corner, and that means our official camping season is winding down. But, there is no need to pack it in too early, as fall camping is some of the best around. Cool evenings sitting around a crackling campfire drinking cocoa, or whatever warms your soul. I’m ready for it! Remember the November Polar Bear campout is an unofficial campout, for those brave folks who are optimistic that good weather will prevail. There will be no agenda, activity, or menu plan, it’s just good old Polar fun. Don’t forget, if you have an unofficial campout and you wouldn’t mind extra company, just let the group know. You can get the word out quickly by doing a ‘reply all’ to one of the newsletter transmissions, and it will go out to the entire group.
    Name Tag Door Prize -- We took a break from the door prizes for July, but it was back in August. We did not do a 50/50 split in July or August, but they will return here and there. We don’t want to overdo it, and like to keep it fresh and fun. Shermans were the name tag prize winner for August. They won a set of camping martini glasses and a camping sign.
    New Members – August was a great month for growth! We welcomed two new member couples. Ron and Cathy McKeon (rhymes with town) of Grand Island, and Corey Barber and Lacy Reineke of Bellevue. Please note, I’ve added them to the roster, which accompanies this Squawk. We now have 28 units in our club!
    Parade on Wheels– For those of you who were lucky enough to attend the August campout (including the innocent bystander campers not connected with the club) the parade generated a lot of looks and laughs! Linda Erickson posted a video of the parade on the Lazy J Facebook page. If you need an invite to it, ask Linda, if you don’t have Facebook, ask someone to show it to you. I heard about a few new ideas for parades in the future…we’ll keep you posted. The fun loving folks who risked their dignity in the name of camping entertainment included: Don and Anne Jensen; Mike, Ashley, Ava, and Anna Jensen; Harvey and Sally Swanger; Laurie and Doug Kleymann; Rhonda Ebert, Joanie Welsh, and new members, Corey Barber and Lacy Reineke.
    September Campout – Just a reminder that the main activity for the September campout at Victorian Acres is the Applejack Festival. On Saturday be sure to stop by the coffee hosts for a bite of breakfast before you head into town for apple-tastic adventures. Menu for this campout will be potluck so everyone has ample time to enjoy what Nebraska City has to offer. This is also the last campout where camp surveys will be collected. Please turn them in to Arlin or Carol Kirchhevel. Your officers will be getting together to put together the new schedule and popping in some of the activities you listed into next year’s schedule.
    August 2016
    October Campout – The October campout is just around the corner so there are a few reminders for this popular one. This is our kid-friendly campout with lots of fun things for them to do. If you’re bringing your kids or grandkids, please contact Jean Swanger by October 1, with their names and ages for planning purposes. The kids should bring a costume for trick-or-treating and a pumpkin if they wish to paint it. Adults, bring candy for the trick-or-treaters. Menu will be stone soup, so please bring a half pound of raw stew meat (or partner with another couple and bring 1 pound between the two of you), plus some cut veggies to drop into the pot. The cooks will provide the seasonings and broth. Don’t forget a side dish to share, desserts are optional. We will have a meeting after supper to unveil the 2018 schedule and will take nominations for the two officer spots up for election (Wagonmaster and Treasurer). We need to keep it quick; however, as the trick or treaters will be eager to go for the goodies after the meeting.
    Christmas Party/Coffee Host Sign Ups – I know…I know…..it’s early, but it will be here before you know it. Anne Jensen will coordinate with Dave and Nancy regarding a date and location, and more information will follow as soon as it is finalized. The only ‘business’ conducted at the party will be the officer voting—we really just want to have fun! We will also offer the coffee sign-up sheet for the 2017 year. For those of you who will be absent or who head south for the winter, please consider leaving your coffee volunteer options with someone who will be there, so you can be included. We need at least 2 volunteers for each month, but a group of 3 works well. A revised 2017 schedule will be sent out when activities and coffee hosts are determined.
    We Love Volunteers – Just wanted to insert a little encouragement for anyone who has a great idea for a club activity. We would love to see the ‘idea person’ volunteer to oversee their activity, if possible. Chances are you know what is needed and how everything should happen—so you’d be the best person to take the lead. A good example would be Jean Swanger’s continued commitment to the book exchanges. Be sure to bring your idea(s) to Anne Jensen so it can be determined if it’s possible to do in a campground, if we already have equipment or supplies needed, if there are any costs involved, and to get it included in the schedule or newsletter.
    Until next time,
    ~ Sally


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