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  • Published on May 27, 2015

    Riding Solo

    When it comes to RVing,  no one ever said you couldn’t do it alone. Today a lot of people are taking to the road solo. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting 50.2% of the population as single, it’s no wonder why more people are RVing by themselves.There are some things to consider if you are thinking about a solo RV trip as well as some great singles RV groups to be apart of. 

    Safety First

    RVing alone for the first time can be unnerving. You’re mind starts to overflow with all the things that could potentially go wrong, but don’t let your worries stop you from embarking on an incredible personal journey. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are thinking about trying it alone. 


    1. Make sure you keep your RV maintained and in top running condition. This will help any unnecessary breakdowns. Of course you’ll have a surprise come up every now and then, but it would be best to take your RV in for service inspection and make sure there isn’t anything you might have missed. z
    2. Trust your instincts. Any place that gives you a bad feeling or makes you uncomfortable probably means you should move on. You won’t be able to sleep well there so it’s best to find another place stay.
    3. Keep all your doors and windows locked at night.
    4. If you are boon docking, try to find a park where there are other RVers just incase you were to run into an emergency. 

    Meet People

    Single and ready to mingle? There are a couple RV singles groups you can join to meet people who are just like you. Whether you’re looking for love or just for friends here are some cool RV singles groups to take a look at.


    Loners on Wheels is an International Network made up of members from the United States, Mexico and Canada. The club consists of men and women who are single that enjoy traveling, RV caravaning, and camping. It’s not a dating service but rather a place for single  people who like to travel alone without really being alone. If you’re looking for companionship and support than LoW is a great place to do that. LoW has chapters in almost all US States. They even have a chapter in Nebraska! Each chapter usually hosts their only monthly camp outs and other activities. There is even a traveling chapter of the LoWmads which actively travels around the country in short trips, caravans and month long excursions. Joining a network like this gives you the opportunity to meet others who share the same passion for RVing as you do!



    The Wandering Individuals Network includes singles from all over the US, Canada and Mexico. The group does not have an age restriction and is a way for singles to meet and travel with each other in groups. The network does between 60 to 120 caravans, gatherings and circuits each year. Each trip will be full of activities such as ziplining, kayaking, sightseeing, biking and more. The nice thing about this group is that you will be traveling with experienced people, so if you are new to Rving you’ll have a great support system to help you along the way. WIN will keep you in the loop with bi-monthly newsletters containing a schedule of events, a directory of members to stay in touch with and get advice from your fellow RVers. Joining is simple and is only $60 a year to become a member. 

    Whether you enjoy being alone or in the company of new friends, Solo RVing can end up being quite the adventure. You will experience many things on your journey and if you ever need companionship along the way, you can join an RV group where people share the same passion of traveling as you do.  Just remember to be prepared for your trip and have a great time out there!

    Apache Camper Center

    If you’ve been thinking about going at it alone make sure you stop by Apache Camper's service center first to have your RV inspected. Apache Camper offers three locations to serve you across Nebraska, all easily accessible from I-80. Stop in today for all your service needs! Don’t forget Apache Camper also has a parts store, so if you are in need of a part make sure you check out the online parts store!


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