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  • Published on Jan 26, 2016
    Games You've Got To Have

    Need something to keep you busy during these chillier months? Here’s a list of board games that will keep you and your loved ones occupied for hours on end! Warning: things might get a little competitive, and will definitely get fun!



    This is a collaborative card game where you and 2-3 other players will work together to try to construct an epic firework show before the fuse is out! This exciting card game requires strategy and quick memory as you try to build from scratch each firework color in the correct suit and order without looking at your own cards. It's challenging, to say the very least!


    King of Tokyo

    In this game you take on the identity of a monster and compete against 5 other monsters to be the king of Tokyo! Though there is some strategy involved with drawing special talent cards and accruing energy sources, this is ultimately a game of  chance. Put strategy aside and cross your fingers!


    Pandemic Legacy

    This game is said to be among the best collaborative board games of all time. In this game you are a disease prevention specialist working alongside the other players to keep the disease pandemic from spreading to a global level. Familiar with this game’s predecessor, Pandemic? You’ll have to get this edition to find the differences!


    7 Wonders Duel

    Similar to Pandemic Legacy, this game is a revitalized version of its wildly popular predecessor 7 Wonders. Instead of expanding, the Duel edition reduces this game to a 2 player match off! This game will enable you to travel to the 7 wonders of the world without ever leaving your chair!


    The Gallerist

    This game is all about buying, selling, and curating art. Don’t let the topic fool you, this is a highly exciting and engaging game! The Gallerist is infused with elitist affluence and economic strategy. Channel your inner art snob and outsmart your competitors!



    Get ready to blast into a galactic battle against your fellow opponents as you roll die to find your space ship's capabilities. Each number on the dice demarcates a special capability, the speed at which a ship can travel, or a battle power.  As with any dice game, luck is the best strategy.


    Camel Up

    This game won Board Game of the Year in 2014, and is a blast for players of all ages! Camel Up brings all the excitement of any racing game, but it also brings the chance that comes with dice. You will find yourself feeling like you're at the horse races, only cheering for stackable camels!


    Apache Camper

    Who’s ready to play a game? As you’re browsing around for games online, be sure to check out our newest inventory! It’s never too soon to start making next year’s Christmas list!


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