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  • Published on Oct 21, 2015
    Fall Camping Tips

    As the weather continues to cool, the window of opportunity to camp before winter sets in is quickly closing. Camping in the fall has many benefits such as the beautiful falling leaves and the tranquility of nearly empty camping grounds. Like all camping trips, the key to success when camping in the fall is preparation. Here are a few tips to make sure that you have all the necessary items before starting off on a nice little fall adventure. 


    Bring the Appropriate Clothing

    One of these most important things to do when camping in the fall is pack the right clothing. Temperatures can range from t-shirt weather during the day to below freezing at night so be sure to pack plenty of layers. Try packing flannel, fleece, a down vest or jacket, and a rain jacket to ensure that your clothing can handle whatever the elements throw at you. These items are extremely important if you decide to camp with a tent instead of an RV. 


    Prepare Easy to Make Food and Warm Beverages

    Cooking outside in cold weather means longer cooking times. Much more fuel is consumed when cooking complicated items so try to stick with simple meals including a few that don’t need to be heated. Drink plenty of warm beverages to ensure you stay nice and toasty during the day and heat water to fill water bottles that you can cuddle with at night. Make sure to pack firewood if you plan to cook outside since there is no guarantee that the wood in the area will be dry enough to burn.  


    Pack the Right Equipment

    Whether camping in a tent or in an RV one of the most important things to do when camping in the fall is to bring the correct equipment to combat the cold weather. If you are using a tent be sure to pack cold weather sleeping gear; pack a sleeping bag designed for temperatures lower than you are expecting as well as sleeping pads that add an extra layer between you and the cold ground. Be sure to bring waterproof items such as tarps to protect your camp from any unexpected storms. If you are camping in an RV bring extra blankets for warmth, as well as plenty of fuel. If your campground doesn’t have an electricity hookup be sure to carefully monitor your RVs space heating system so that it doesn’t end up draining the battery. 


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