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  • Published on Jun 02, 2015
    As American as Apple Pie

    As I drive through the campgrounds, I am struck by the feeling of community in every campground. 

    Seeing people sitting under their awnings or at the picnic tables, a vision comes to mind of mid century America.  People will wave at people they don’t know, sit out on their own “front porch” and just watch the world go by.  It is as American as apple pie, Andy Griffith, and patriotism.  The people camping are going about their business reading a book, eating a homemade meal or getting up to take a walk around the park.

    There is no other activity in the world that can duplicate this.  It feels of a time gone by – of people who are able to escape – even if only for a day or two the drudgeries of everyday life.  No telemarketers, no looking at the yard that needs to be mowed, the bills that need to be paid.  You are in your own little slice of paradise.

    No matter how you camp – whether it is in a tent, in a vintage trailer, or in a high line fifth wheel or motorhome, the feeling is the same, and everyone is equal at that point.  What better way to introduce your children to the outdoors and to the pure family time in a camper. 

    I am struck lately with how many couples coming in to our dealership are now 2nd and even 3rd generation campers.  Now that they are having children of their own, they want to re-create the experiences and feelings that they had as kids.  It is fun to see how they introduce the concept to their children whether it is by camping with the grandparents, driving through a campground, or simply by coming into a dealership and showing them what could be.

     The absolute joy and excitement of kids seeing all the possibilities is contagious for me.  My favorite customer is one who is just entering the market and needing guidance.  I consider it my responsibility and pleasure to explain tow ratings to them, help them match both their budget and their tow vehicle to the camper of their dreams.  It doesn’t matter if it is a beginning used fold down or a brand new travel trailer or fifth wheel.  The kids love the fold downs because everything is their size, and it feels like a playhouse, but the possibilities are endless.

    If you are considering the RV lifestyle, take some time to visit a campground, bring a picnic lunch and walk around.  You would be amazed at how easy it is to end up in a conversation with someone you bump into, and maybe even become friends with. 

    Look into the RV lifestyle at your local dealership – we will be more than happy to help you in your decision making.  Never feel pressured – some people take 1 or 2 seasons to finally decide to get into the lifestyle.  Make sure that your purchase is a wise one whether new or used, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.  That is what an RV dealer is there for.


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