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  • Published on Oct 27, 2015
    5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Nebraska

    Though we love the Cornhuskers, there’s more to Nebraska than prairie land and football. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about our great state that will have you planning your next vacation before you finish reading!

    1. Nebraska has More than 80 State Parks

    Spreading across a wide variety of landscapes, NE campers can literally choose a park based on their camping preferences. Whether you’re wanting an idyllic backdrop to set up shop, or looking for an active outdoor adventure, Nebraska parks are going to have whatever you’re desiring. Several of these parks feature waterfalls on them as well. Snake River Falls and Smith Falls State Park are two of many sites with cascading falls that are quite the sites to see! If you’re wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, head on out to one of Nebraska’s campgrounds for your relaxing vacation experience.

    2. Nebraska is home to an Indian Reservation

    Maybe you already knew that there was Indian reservation in Nebraska, but did you know that this Reservation operates by its own set of laws? According to Omaha Tribal Chairman Rodney Morris, the Reservation was established by a treaty between the tribe and the federal government. Consequently, the Reservation has its own set of laws and constitutions and asks that its visitors review these to ensure that they comply with the laws of the land. The Reservation is home to several hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails in addition to a number of casinos. If you’re interested in a blend of rich history, nature, and late night activities head on over to the Omaha Indian Reservation.

    3. Nebraska has the highest Czech population in America

    Did you know that Willa Cather’s American classic, “My Anotina” was set in Nebraska? For those who aren’t familiar, the story is about a young girl who immigrated from Czechoslovakia to Nebraska with her family in the early 1800’s. Here’s the kicker: the novel is based on a true story! Willa Cather actually did grow up on the Nebraskan prairie and did befriend a Czech immigrant girl in her childhood. Throughout the nineteenth century, many Czech immigrants made their way into the midwest to pursue farming opportunities. The population increased throughout the generations and still has a thriving presence in Nebraska today! Consequently the Czech population has heavily influenced the food culture in Nebraska. If you’re interested in entering into a Bohemian scene without leaving the country, go ahead and Czech out the Nebraska Czechs of Wilber’s annual festival!

    4. Nebraska has Divine Vineyards

    Due to the variety of landscape, soils, and climates, seven types of grapes are grown and harvested in Nebraska. The variety of grapes grown locally has Nebraska gaining a reputation for being an unsuspecting wine country or sorts. While there are countless wineries and tasting rooms to visit throughout the state, one that will catch your eye is Whiskey Run Creek. This vineyard and winery are nestled back in the Nebraskan prairie. Its rustic barn tasting room is set on the creek, creating a charming ambiance for its visitors to enjoy while tasting and talking. Watch out California, Nebraska is officially on the wine map!

    5. Nebraska has a “small town” Feel

    Did you know that nearly 90% of the cities in Nebraska have less than 5,000 occupants? The small town feel makes visitors feel like they are “coming home” to see old friends and family. The largest cities in Nebraska are Omaha with upwards of 435,000 occupants, and the capital, Lincoln with over 265,000 occupants. The relatively “small town” feel of the state will leave you feeling like you belong.

    Apache Camper Center

    So whether you’re looking for rich history, rich wine, or rich culture on your next getaway, Nebraska is the place for you. Please stop in to see us while you’re visiting, we would love to welcome you to Nebraska and help make your vacation refreshing and fun! We have plenty of great RVs for sale!


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